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Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 not charging? Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 turning itself off and on without any rhyme or reason? It may seem like the end of the world, especially when you have important contacts, pictures and events that you rely on your Samsung Galaxy S3 for. Fortunately, a lot of problems like these can be fixed on the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a process called Micro-Soldering.

Almost all major components that control a function on the Samsung Galaxy S3 are delicately soldered to the Samsung Galaxy S3's motherboard. Every function on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is controlled by a very specific circuit that has been engineered to operate with the right amount of voltage and current. Every component on a Samsung Galaxy S3 is connected to these circuits through the use of solder and solder points.

Soldering these tiny parts on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a skill that if done wrong can destroy your Samsung Galaxy S3 and can cost you hundreds of dollars or more. Micro-Soldering is a very difficult skill to achieve and it takes a lot of practice to master. At Phone Medic, our Expert Certified Technicians have mastered this art and can bring most Samsung Galaxy S3s back to life.

Soldering these components on the Samsung Galaxy S3 requires a steady hand (like a surgeon) and the right equipment to achieve the required results. Micro-Soldering is definitely a “don’t do it at home" process. The wrong amount of heat, bridging and/or burning these points can cause drastic negative effects to these circuits that can cause stomach turning results to your Samsung Galaxy S3. Damaged circuits and components will either carry too much or too little voltage causing shorts or opens and will destroy other components on the motherboard which is then irreversible.

So why risk trying to fix your Samsung Galaxy S3 at home? Simple answer, don’t. Here at Phone Medic, we have the right tools, equipment and people to take care of your soldering needs. Our Expert Certified Technicians will (in most cases, depending on the amount of damage) be able to fix that loose charge port, pesky power button or other random issue you may have. Most solder repairs will be done with same day service, usually within an hour or two, and we offer a three month warranty with our soldering services.

So don’t risk having to pay out hundreds of dollars on a new Samsung Galaxy S3, bring your device to Phone Medic so that the contacts and memories you love can be saved.


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